Providing Opportunity

CCVID supports regulations that allow interior designers the opportunity to choose to participate as a regulated design professional in impacting the regulated built  environment. Fundamental to our purpose is affording interior designers the opportunity to practice alongside, independent from, and in partnership with; architects, engineers, land surveyors, and landscape architects.

In providing this opportunity it is also fundamental that legislation not be used to affect the title "interior designer" or restrict the practice of "interior design".

CCVID's legislative policy supports a path for interior designers to become state certified or licensed while not limiting, restricting, or preventing the practice of interior design.


CCVID supports legislation that:

 -Does not limit, restrict or prevent the practice of interior design.


-Does not limit, restrict or prevent anyone from using the title of "interior designer".


 -Allows state-qualified interior designers to use the title "certified" or "licensed".


-Allows state-qualified interior designers to perform services related to the practice of interior design, including stamping, sealing, and permitting privileges.


-Recognizes state-qualified interior designers as "regulated or registered design professionals".


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